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How do I set up my Karaoke Kit?

Last Updated: Feb 07, 2017 02:32PM GMT
Firstly, have a look at this video. It should help you with any Karaoke Kit problems:

Still stuck....?
Just breathe deeply – this isn’t as hard as all those cables make it look! Just read the simple steps below:


Step 1: Check you’ve got everything you need

A computer (PC or Mac) connected to the Lucky Voice website over broadband internet, and some amplified speakers. This could be your hi-fi or an iPod dock with an ‘auxiliary input’ socket, your TV or some computer speakers. 

Step 2: Connect your Karaoke Kit mixer to your computer

Find one of the two included ‘headphone to headphone’ cables - these are the ones with the same plugs at both ends. Plug one end into the Music in socket on the Karaoke Kit mixer and the other into the headphone socket of your computer. 

Step 3: Connect your Karaoke Kit mixer to your amplified speakers

First question is: what speakers are you using?
A hi-fi: Find the ‘auxiliary input’ socket of your hi-fi. On a hi-fi this will likely be on the back, have ‘phono’ (red and white) sockets, and be labelled AUX IN, DVD or DAT. People often use this socket to play their iPods through their hi-fis. Then find the included ‘phono to headphone’ cable, plug the end with the red and white plugs into the AUX IN, DVD or DAT socket of your hi-fi, and the other end into the ‘Audio out’ socket of the Karaoke Kit mixer. Finally, check that your hi-fi is on and set to play the right channel (e.g. AUX if you have connected your cable to the AUX socket etc). 
An iPod dock: Find the ‘Music in’ socket on your iPod dock. This will often have a musical note symbol printed next to it. Then find the remaining included ‘headphone to headphone’ cable (it will have the same plug at both ends). Finally, if your iPod dock allows you to select channels, check it’s set to play ‘Music in’. 
Computer speakers: If these are the type of computer speakers with a built in cable that ends in a headphone plug, plug the end of this cable directly into the ‘Audio out’ socket of the Karaoke Kit mixer. (Note that the Karaoke Kit will not work with USB-only computer speakers or some more complicated digital surround-sound computer sound systems. Please contact us if you have any questions). 

Step 4 : Getting the lyrics on your TV

To get the lyrics on your TV you just need a cable to connect your computer to your TV.
Here's the cable for PC users: VGA cable
Here's the cable for new laptop and Mac users: HDMI cable
Or you can even use a Chromecast Stick.
Make sure the cable is long enough to stretch between your computer and your TV!

Step 5 : Final checks

  1. Connect the mic cable to the microphone, and plug the microphone into either the ‘Mic one’ or ‘Mic two’ socket on the front of the Karaoke Kit mixer. 
  2. Check the Karaoke Kit mixer is connected to power and turned on (you will see a glowing pink/red light on the mixer if it’s powered up) 
  3. Check that all volumes are turned up – on the mixer, your computer and on the amplified speakers. 
  4. Check that the microphone is turned on. That’s it – you’re ready to sing!

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